The distribution market is competitive and the logistics and excess inventory costs are playing a crucial role in your net profitability.

Complex logistics environments defined by a variety of SKUs and suppliers, a large number of delivery points, the need for complete downstream traceability, the demand for advanced stock allocation scenarios to support the various requirements of the retailers as well as the promotions of numerous variants of the goods, the need to achieve and maintain a high level of customer service at the lowest possible inventory cost, dictate Logistics Vision Suite as your only all-inclusive answer to the above Distribution challenges.

Logistics Vision Suite encompasses best practices from hundreds of major distributors that have selected and run it in many countries.

  • Warehouse management for the central and regional distribution centers with built-in best practices for the distribution industry.
  • Vehicle routing relying on digital maps and best route algorithms to automate and optimize the distribution process.
  • Proof of delivery to manage and automate the delivery process.
  • Inventory planning to reduce and optimize the stock at all DCs through demand forecasting and optimized replenishment planning.
  • "Route-To-Market": Mantis offers a complete logistic solution especially designed for the distribution channel (local resellers, wholesalers, representatives) of the large suppliers / principals. Such solution that is promoted and/or deployed centrally together with the logistics and IT departments of the principals allows them to increase control on their channel network as well as to improve the efficiency and the quality of the services provided by their channel partners.